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Frequently Asked Questions

The faucets should be disassembled and scrubbed clean at every bi-weekly cleaning. At the same time, keg couplers should also be scrubbed clean, although their disassembly is only necessary on a quarterly basis.

How often are beer lines required to be cleaned? Where can I find the line cleaning laws in Ohio?

In Ohio, you are required to clean your draft lines every two weeks. For further details on Ohio state liquor laws, you can consult Ohio liquor control at

I clean the lines every two weeks and every other week I clean the taps. Is it necessary to clean taps every two weeks? Are cleaning the taps included in the frequency of cleaning the lines?

Can the 2 week line cleaning regimen change to a longer period due to the efficiency of the recirculation pump?

Lines should be cleaned every 2 weeks regardless.

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