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Why serve your beer right? Let me tell you-

Updated: Jul 18, 2022

Treat your beer good and you shall be rewarded. Bubble Tech explains why doing things right is great for profits.

Yes, you should give a damn about your beer! When you pour out foam you are throwing out the profits. Foam is a by product of your beer system not being properly balanced. When you serve warm beer you are throwing out the profits. Warm beer is normally a result of equipment maintenance not being performed. When you serve beer too cold you are giving up other product sales. Beer served too cold will leave customers feeling bloated. When customers feel bloated they will not eat apps, finish their meal, or order dessert. Guess what? Customers never blame the beer. It is always the food. When you don't clean your beer lines you are just being rude. You are being rude to your customers, your staff, the brewer, and your bottom line. Your customers work hard and deserve the best damn pint you can serve them. Your staff deserves to make the most in tips from serving quality products. The brewer deserves to have their beer served the way it was meant. Your bottom line deserves to be fat.

Bubble Tech cares for your customers, your staff, the brewers and you. When Bubble Tech properly balances your beer system you can expect an increase in keg yields up to 20%.

There are 1,984 oz in 1/2 keg

20% of 1,984 oz is 396oz (That is close to 25 freaking 16oz pints)

There is 124, 16oz pints in a 1/2 keg at $5 per pint = $620

When you waste close to 25 pints per keg that is $125 per keg in lost profit.

At 2 1/2 kegs per week you are pouring $250 profit down the drain. Now for the real punch to the gut ($250x52 weeks=$13,000 Buckaroos per year). That is a lot of cheddar. Now that my head hurts from all that math, do what's right and give a damn. Please reach out with any questions to make sure you are serving the best beer possible. Cheers.

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